Suspended solids from urban impervious surfaces (SSUIS) is a spreadsheet-based model that predicts the mass loading of suspended solids (SS) in stormwater runoff generated from impervious urban surfaces. The model is intended to be a research tool and incorporates several particle accumulation and washoff processes. Development of SSUIS is based on interpretation of storm event data obtained from a galvanised iron roof, a concrete car park and a bitumen road located in Toowoomba, Australia. SSUIS is a source area model that tracks the particle mass balance on the impervious surface and within its lateral drain to a point of discharge. Particles are separated into two groups: free and detained, depending on the rainfall energy required for surface washoff. Calibration and verification of SSUIS against the Toowoomba SS data yielded R2 values ranging from 0.60 to 0.98. Parameter sensitivity analysis and an example of how SSUIS can be applied to predict the treatment efficiency of a grass swale are also provided.

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