This paper presents the methodologies to determine odour in ambient air by field inspection that will be a new European standard. The objective is to characterise the odour in a defined area. Without making a link with potential annoyance due to the presence of odours, the described methods propose the way to characterise an exposed environment. Two approaches are defined in the new standard: the grid method and the plume method. The grid method can be used to determine the exposure to ambient odours in a defined area of study, using direct observation of recognisable odours in the field by human panel members. This method must be applied over a sufficiently long period of time (6 or 12 months) to be representative of the meteorological conditions of that location. The result is the distribution of the frequency of exposure to odours within the assessment area. The plume method can be used to determine the extent of detectable and recognisable odours from a specific source using direct observation in the field by human panel members under specific meteorological conditions.

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