The single-solute and bisolute sorption behaviour of phenol and trichloroethylene, two organic compounds with different structures, onto cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)-montmorillonite was studied. The monolayer Langmuir model (MLM) and empirical Freundlich model (EFM) were applied to the single-solute sorption of phenol or trichloroethylene from water onto monolayer or multilayer CTAB-montmorillonite. The parameters contained in the MLM and EFM were determined for each solute by fitting to the single-solute isotherm data, and subsequently utilized in binary sorption. The extended Langmuir model (ELM) coupled with the single-solute MLM and the ideal adsorbed solution theory (IAST) coupled with the single-solute EFM were used to predict the binary sorption of phenol and trichloroethylene onto CTAB-montmorillonite. It was found that the EFM was better than the MLM at describing single-solute sorption from water onto CTAB-montmorillonite, and the IAST was better than the ELM at describing the binary sorption from water onto CTAB-montmorillonite.

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