The adsorptive removal of seven sulfonamide antibiotics using the high-silica zeolite HSZ-385 from distilled water, synthetic urine and real porcine urine was investigated. The pH greatly affected the adsorption efficiency, and the amounts of all sulfonamide antibiotics adsorbed on HSZ-385 decreased at alkaline conditions compared with that at neutral conditions. During storage, the pH and ammonium-ion concentration increased with urea hydrolysis for porcine urine. We clarified that the adsorption efficiency of sulfonamides in synthetic urine was equivalent to that in distilled water, suggesting that adsorption behavior was not affected by coexistent ions. HSZ-385 could adsorb sulfonamide antibiotics in real porcine urine even though the non-purgeable organic carbon concentration of porcine urine was 4–7 g/L and was two orders of magnitude higher than those of sulfonamides (10 mg/L each). Moreover, the adsorption of sulfonamides reached equilibrium within 15 min, suggesting that HSZ-385 is a promising adsorbent for removing sulfonamides from porcine urine.

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