The Water Monitoring Enclosure (WME) provides a simple and flexible housing for many types of sensors for continuous measurements of water parameters (physical, chemical, or biological) and provides the opportunity of representative sampling for external analyses. The WME ensures a minimum internal water level and this ensures that the internal monitoring equipment remains submerged even when there is no flow into the enclosure. The limited diameter of the inflow pipe and water volume in the WME buffers the flow velocity from dramatic changes. The device ensures that the sediment entering the enclosure from the inflow will be conveyed through the enclosure with minimal sediment accumulation. The device is powered purely from natural hydraulic forces, so it requires no power source, and requires little additional maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. If desired, the WME can also measure discharge entering the device through additional modifications. Water samples were taken throughout the year to validate the effectiveness of the WME. The comparisons of the influent water to the water in the WME for all parameters were below the laboratory analysis standard error or below the limit of quantification, indicating that the water in the WME is representative of the influent water.

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