A novel magnetic carrier with surface magnetic field of 4 mT was developed for studying the magnetic enhanced bio-effect on nitrification. The bio-effect on nitrificaton induced by the magnetic carrier was studied by comparing the performance of sequencing batch biofilm reactors filled with magnetic (MC) and non-magnetic (NMC) carriers. The result showed that the bioreactor with MC had better performance for nitrification than bioreactor with NMC. During the biofilm culturing period, the time required for nitrification formation in biofilm of the MC reactor was 25% less than that for the NMC reactor. The results also showed that the ammonium oxidation rate of the MC reactor was 1.6-fold faster than that in the NMC reactor at high influent NH4-N concentration, while nitrite oxidation rate was always accelerated regardless of influent NH4-N concentration. The specific oxygen uptake rate analysis revealed that ammonia and nitrite oxidation activities in biofilm of the MC reactor were 1.65 and 1.98 times greater than those of the NMC reactor, respectively.

Supplementary data

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