The impact of the As Samra wastewater treatment plant upgrade on the quality of the Zarqa River (ZR) water was investigated. Time series data that extend from October 2005 until December 2009 obtained by a state-of-the-art telemetric monitoring system were analyzed at two monitoring stations located 4 to 5 km downstream of the As Samra effluent confluence with the Zarqa River and about 25 km further downstream. Time series data that represent the ZR water quality before and after the As Samra upgrade were analyzed for chemical oxygen demand (COD), electrical conductivity (EC), total phosphorus (TP) and total nitrogen (TN). The means of the monitored parameters, before and after the As Samra upgrade, showed that the reductions in the COD, TP and TN were statistically significant, while no reduction in the EC was observed. Comparing the selected parameters with the Jordanian standards for reclaimed wastewater reuse in irrigation and with the Ayers & Westcot guidelines for interpretation of water quality for irrigation showed that the ZR water has improved towards meeting the required standards and guidelines for treated wastewater reuse in irrigation.

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