The kinetics for reaction between bisphenol A (BPA) and permanganate was examined over pH range of 5.0–9.9 and the estrogenic activity of aqueous BPA solution after oxidation was assessed by yeast two-hybrid assay. Reaction kinetics follows the second-order rate law, with the apparent second-order rate constant of 15.1 ± 1.1 M−1s−1 at pH 6.0 and 25°C and the activation energy of 48.7 kJ/mol. The kinetics exhibits pH dependency and the specific rate constants related to speciation of BPA are 50 ± 28 M−1s−1, 9.6 (±0.6) × 103 M−1s−1 and 1.4 (±0.1) × 104 M−1s−1 for BPA, BPA and BPA2−, respectively. The results of the estrogenic/antiestrogenic activity test show that there is a hysteresis for the removal of estrogenic activity of aqueous BPA solution at pH 7.3. Removal of BPA is completed in 10 min, but complete removal of estrogenic activity requires a further 20 min.

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