Bentonite, chitosan and polyaluminum chloride (PAC) were applied to treat wastewater discharged during the production of chondroitin sulfate and recover protein dissolved in the wastewater. The results showed that the combination of pH 9.00, 3–4 mL chitosan solution, 2 g of bentonite and 5 mL of 8% PAC solution per 100 mL of wastewater with a 4.0 h flocculation time were the optimal conditions for the recovery of protein and removal of total organic carbon (TOC) from wastewater. A pilot-scale test also was conducted, and 130 kg (dry weight) of sediment was obtained from 1.1 m3 of discharged wastewater. This sediment contained abundant amino acids (proteins comprised 61% of the total sediment), after the recovery of protein, the dissolved TOC concentration in wastewater was decreased by approximately 80% and the residual wastewater could be readily disposed using a traditional activated sludge process.

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