A laboratory study was undertaken to explore the capability of one-stage ANAMMOX in a hybrid biofilm-carrier reactor (HBCR) fed with petrochemical wastewater. Under favorable operating conditions in continuous-flow operations (at the dissolved oxygen level of 0.5–1.0 mg L−1), the average total nitrogen (TN) removal efficiency reached 62–67% and approximately 90% of TN can be removed by ANAMMOX. In batch operations of the hybrid biofilm-carrier reactor (without adding carbon substrate), the specific TN removal rate of the reactor in which both Kaldnes and nonwoven carriers were kept was two-fold higher than that of the reactor in which only nonwoven carriers were kept. This indicated that the microbial activity of thinner biofilms (Kaldnes carriers) was remarkably higher than that of thicker biofilms (nonwoven carriers). Finally, based on the 16S rRNA clone library, a cluster of ANAMMOX Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis was identified.

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