During the last 15 years several authors studied the disinfection in waste stabilisation pond (WSP) and several empirical models were developed. There are huge differences between the models describing this process and there is really a need to improve the design of ponds for better disinfection. This paper addresses the Escherichia coli and enterococci disinfection in a laboratory pilot scale maturation pond (1.5 l) with light intensity (0, 12 and 25 W/m2) under controlled pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) conditions. The aim of this study is to improve modelling for a better design of disinfection in maturation ponds (MP) and to identify the key parameters influencing the process. It was found that kinetic coefficients K values for E. coli and enterococci are closely dependent on physicochemical parameters. K values increase with increasing pH, I, T and DO. E. coli disinfection depends closely on the pH and the DO and increases strongly when the pH is above 8.5. The enterococci disinfection depends essentially on DO. Two equations are suggested to calculate the kinetic coefficient K related to the environmental average state variables.

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