Wastewater treatment plant monitoring is an essential part of effective wastewater management. The analysis of eight physico-chemical parameters of untreated wastewater was carried out at Vidyaranyapuram sewage treatment plant, Mysore, India. Factor analysis (FA) was applied to the untreated wastewater data matrix, and pollution was found to be the most contributing factor, explaining 22.31% of the total variance (chloride, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand and total dissolved solids). The second most contributing factor was found to be nitrification which explained 21.11% of the total variance (pH and nitrate), whereas the salinization factor contributed 16.98% of the total variance (total solids and total suspended solids). FA regression scores could not satisfactorily classify the data matrix with respect to the seasonal variations. Discriminant analysis (DA) was used to find the seasonal variations in the data matrix, and the standard mode DA explained 66.6% of total variance by grouping the cases with respect to seasons.

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