In this work, biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests with cellulose as a model substrate were performed with the aid of three manually operated or conventional experimental setups (based on manometer, water column and gas bag) and one automated apparatus specially designed for analysis of BMP. The methane yields were 340 ± 18, 354 ± 13, 345 ± 15 and 366 ± 5 ml CH4/g VS obtained from experimental setups with manometer, water column, gas bag, and automatic methane potential test system, which corresponded to a biodegradability of 82, 85, 83 and 88% respectively. The results demonstrated that the methane yields of cellulose obtained from conventional and automatic experimental setups were comparable; however, the methane yield obtained from the automated apparatus showed greater precision. Moreover, conventional setups for the BMP test were more time- and labour-intensive compared with the automated apparatus.

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