Magnetic multi-wall carbon nanotubes (M-MWCNTs) were used as an adsorbent for removal of furaltadone from aqueous solutions, and the adsorption behaviors were investigated by varying pH, sorbent amount, sorption time and temperature. The results showed that the adsorption efficiency of furaltadone reached 97% when the dosage of M-MWCNT was 0.45 g · L−1, the pH was 7 and the adsorption time was 150 min. The kinetic data showed that the pseudo-second-order model can fit the adsorption kinetics. The sorption data could be well explained by the Langmuir model under different temperatures. The adsorption process was influenced by both intraparticle diffusion and external mass transfer. The experimental data analysis indicated that the electrostatic attraction and π–π stacking interactions between M-MWCNT and furaltadone might be the adsorption mechanism. Thermodynamic analysis reflected that adsorption of furaltadone on the M-MWCNT was spontaneous and exothermic. Our study showed that M-MWCNTs can be used as a potential adsorbent for removal of furaltadone from water and wastewater.

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