Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments (CZARA, Section 6217) necessitate the requirement that onsite wastewater disposal units located near impaired surface waters or groundwater to provide at least 50% nitrogen removal. Approximately 38% of Hawaii households use onsite systems including septic tanks and cesspools that cannot meet this requirement. Upgrades to aerobic treatment units (ATUs) are a possible compliance solution. In Hawaii, ATUs must meet National Sanitation Foundation Standard 40 (NSF40) Class I effluent criteria. Previously, a multi-chamber, flow-through, combined attached/suspended growth type ATU (OESIS-750) and presently, a sequencing batch type ATU (CBT 0.8KF-210) were evaluated for NSF40 compliance, nutrient removal capability (NSF245), and adaptability for water reuse (NSF350). Both units easily achieved the NSF40 Class I effluent criteria. While the OESIS-750 achieved only 19% nitrogen removal, the CBT unit achieved 81% nitrogen removal, meeting the NSF245 criteria and CZARA requirements for applications in critical wastewater disposal areas. In addition, the CBT consistently produced effluent with turbidity less than 2 NTU (NSF350) and UVT254 greater than 70%, facilitating the production of unrestricted-use recycled water.

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