The metabolic and kinetic behavior of a nitrifying sludge exposed to 2-chlorophenol (2-CP) was evaluated in batch cultures. Two kinds of nitrifying culture were used; one acclimated to 4-methylphenol (4-mp), and the other unacclimated to 4-mp. The unacclimated culture was affected adversely by the 2-CP's presence, since neither nitrification nor 2-CP oxidation was observed. Nonetheless, the acclimated culture showed metabolic capacity to nitrify and mineralize 2-CP. Ammonium removal was 100%, with a nitrifying yield of 0.92 ± 0.04 mg NO3-N/mg NH4+-N consumed. The consumption efficiency for 2-CP was 100% and the halogenated compound was mineralized to CO2. Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) patterns showed the shift in microbial community structure, indicating that microbial diversity was due to the acclimation process. This is the first evidence where nitrifying culture acclimated to 4-mp completely removed ammonium and 2-CP.

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