The aim of this work is to determine paraquat adsorption capacity of zeolite NaX and Al-MCM-41. All adsorbents were synthesized by hydrothermal method using rice husk silica. For Al-MCM-41, aluminum (Al) was added to the synthesis gel of MCM-41 with Al content of 10, 15, 20 and 25 wt%. The faujasite framework type of NaX and mesoporous characteristic of Al-MCM-41 were confirmed by X-ray diffraction. Surface area of all adsorbents determined by N2 adsorption–desorption analysis was higher than 650 m2/g. Al content and geometry were determined by X-ray fluorescence and 27Al nuclear magnetic resonance, respectively. Morphology of Al-MCM-41 were studied by transmission electron microscopy; macropores and defects were observed. The paraquat adsorption experiments were conducted using a concentration range of 80–720 mg/L for NaX and 80–560 mg/L for Al-MCM-41. The paraquat adsorption isotherms from all adsorbents fit well with the Langmuir model. The adsorption capacity of NaX was 120 mg/g-adsorbent. Regarding Al-MCM-41, the 10% Al-MCM-41 exhibited the lowest capacity of 52 mg/g-adsorbent while the other samples had adsorption capacity of 66 mg/g-adsorbent.

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