To ease the adsorbent recovery and to increase the adsorption capacity of polyaniline (PANI), aniline was polymerized in the presence of a solvothermally prepared nano-composite of reduced graphene oxide and Fe3O4 (RGO/Fe3O4). The polyaniline was formed along the RGO/Fe3O4 composite in transmission electron microscope (TEM). The thus formed PANI/RGO/Fe3O4 adsorbent was tested and applied in removing Hg(II) in aqueous solution. The initial adsorption rate as well as the adsorption capacity increases with the incorporation of RGO/Fe3O4. The magnetic separation of PANI/RGO/Fe3O4 was easy, and its regeneration can be carried out at the optimal pH of 2. Test results proved the competence of the prepared adsorbent in pollution remediation applications for safer water quality and environmental protection.

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