The morphology and surface characteristics of manganese dioxide (MnO2) formed in situ, which was prepared through the oxidation of MnSO4 using KMnO4, were studied. The effects of factors including the form of MnO2, dosage, pH, dosing sequence of in situ MnO2 on the enhanced coagulation were systematically evaluated. The results of analysis by the UV254 and permanganate index CODMn methods indicated that humic acid removal increased from 9.2 and 2.5% to 55.0 and 38.9%, when 10 mg/L of the in situ MnO2 was added in the presence of 2 mg/L of polyaluminum sulfate. The studies of orthogonal experiment revealed that coagulation was most affected by the pH, whereas the dosage of in situ MnO2 and slow stirring duration exhibited a weaker effect. At a pH value of 4.0, in situ MnO2 dosage of 10 mg/L, slow stir over 40 min, and the total solids content was 20 mg/L, the humic acid removal by UV254 and CODMn methods reached 71.2 and 61.2%. These results indicated that the presence of in situ MnO2 enhanced the coagulation and removal of humic acid from water.

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