The effects of solid-state NaOH pretreatment on the efficiency of methane production from semi-dry anaerobic digestion of rose (Rosa rugosa) stalk were investigated at various NaOH loadings (0, 1, 2, and 4% (w/w)). Methane production, process stability and energy balance were analyzed. Results showed that solid-state NaOH pretreatment significantly improved biogas and methane yields of 30-day anaerobic digestion, with increases from 143.7 mL/g volatile solids (VS) added to 157.1 mL/g VS –192.1 mL/g VS added and from 81.8 mL/g VS added to 88.8 mL/g VS–117.7 mL/g VS added, respectively. Solid-state NaOH pretreatment resulted in anaerobic digestion with higher VS reduction and lower technical digestion time. The 4% NaOH-treated group had the highest methane yield of 117.7 mL/g VS added, which was 144% higher compared to the no NaOH-treated group, and the highest net energy recovery. Higher rate of lignocellulose breakage and higher process stability of anaerobic digestion facilitated methane production in the NaOH-pretreated groups.

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