This work employed a novel rotor-stator reactor (RSR) to intensify the degradation process of o-phenylenediamine (o-PDA) by ozone. The effects of different operating parameters including initial pH, temperature, rotation speed, liquid volumetric flow rate and inlet ozone concentration on the removal efficiency of o-PDA were investigated in an attempt to establish the optimum conditions. The removal efficiency was evaluated in terms of degradation ratio and chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction ratio of the o-PDA wastewater. Results indicate that the removal efficiency decreased with increasing liquid volumetric flow rate but increased with an increase in pH and inlet ozone concentration. Also, the removal efficiency increased up to a certain level with an increase in rotation speed and temperature. Additionally, a comparison experiment was carried out in a stirred tank reactor (STR), and the results show that the degradation and COD reduction ratios reached a maximum of 94.6% and 61.2% in the RSR as compared to 45.3% and 28.6% in the STR, respectively. This work demonstrates that ozone oxidation carried out in RSR may be a promising alternative for pre-treatment of o-PDA wastewater.

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