Over the past few years, heavy metals have been proved to be one of the most important contaminants in industrial wastewater. Chromium is one of these heavy metals, which is being utilized in several industries such as textile, finishing and leather industries. Since hexavalent chromium is highly toxic to human health, removal of it from the wastewater is essential for human safety. One of the techniques for removing chromium (VI) is the use of different adsorbents such as polyaniline. In this study, composites of polyaniline (PANi) were synthesized with various amounts of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The results showed that PANi/PVA removed around 76% of chromium at a pH of 6.5; the PVA has altered the morphology of the composites and increased the removal efficiency. Additionally, synthesis of 20 mg/L of PVA by PANi composite showed the best removal efficiency, and the optimal stirring time was calculated as 30 minutes. Moreover, the chromium removal efficiency was increased by decreasing the pH, initial chromium concentration and increasing stirring time.

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