The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and effluent quality of a pilot-scale intermittently aerated and fed, externally submerged membrane bioreactor (MBRes) treating municipal wastewater. The effluent quality of the MBRes was evaluated regarding system ability to comply with the Greek legislative limits for restricted and unrestricted wastewater reuse. The average permeate flux was 13.9 L m−2 h−1, while the transmembrane pressure remained above the level of −110 mbar. Experimental data showed that biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen, PO43−- P and total suspended solids removal efficiencies were 97.8, 93.1, 89.6, 93.2 and 100%, respectively, whereas turbidity was reduced by 94.1%. Total coliforms and Escherichia coli were fully eliminated by ultrafiltration and disinfection methods, such as chlorination and ultraviolet radiation. In agreement with the Greek legislation (Joint Ministerial Decree 145116/11) and the guidelines recommended for the Mediterranean countries, the disinfected effluent of the MBRes system can be safely reused directly for urban purposes.

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