This paper summarizes recent developments in biological phosphorus removal modelling, with special attention to side-stream enhanced biological phosphorus removal (S2EBPR) systems on which previous models proved to be ineffective without case-by-case parameter adjustments. Through the research and experience of experts and practitioners, a new bio-kinetic model was developed including an additional group of biomass (glycogen accumulating organisms – GAOs) and new processes (such as aerobic and anoxic maintenance for PAO and GAO; enhanced denitrification processes; fermentation by PAOs which – along with PAO selection – is driven by oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)). This model successfully described various conditions in laboratory measurements and full plant data. The calibration data set is provided by Clean Water Services from Rock Creek Facility (Hillsboro, OR) including two parallel trains: conventional A2O and Westbank configurations, allowing the model to be verified on conventional and side-stream EBPR systems as well.

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