The authors regret that there were some errors in the text of their original paper and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The corrected text is given below.

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… It was concluded that two clear peaks at 1,382 and 580 cm−1 appeared in fresh Y-Al2, which is respectively attributed to the vibration of Y-OH group and the overlap of M (metal)-O (Pavel et al. 2011). Nevertheless, the peaks at 1,382 cm−1 were weakened and shifted to 1,216 and 1,156 cm−1 after adsorption of As(V), which demonstrates that hydroxyl group on the surface of mesoporous Y-Al binary oxide was reduced and involved in the adsorption process. Simultaneously, a new band appeared at ca. 830 cm−1 after adsorption of As(V) (Curves b, c, d and e of Figure 2).

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As previously reported, the value of PZC was ca. 8.86...

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