Anaerobic mono-digestion and co-digestion are nowadays widely used in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). However, the data processing of the conventional biochemical potential test (BMP) carried out to assess potential substrates should be enhanced to reduce the uncertainty of the results. In this study, two methodologies aiming to improve the data processing in anaerobic digestion studies were proposed. The methodologies aimed at the estimation of synergy in anaerobic co-digestion of organic waste and the standardization of the BMP test results by considering the activity of the inoculums under mono-digestion conditions. Both methodologies comprise the application of the Gompertz equation. For the first methodology, four cosubstrates and two types of substrates were used. Regarding synergy estimation, the cosubstrates dairy whey and grease sludge had an impact on the degradation kinetic. In regard to the second methodology, the results indicate that the activity of the inoculums exerts an influence on the BMP analysis, and it should be considered. This can be meaningful when comparing results among studies when different inoculums are used or even for studies where the same inoculum is used but it is taken at different reactor operational moments.

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