Polymeric ferric sulfate (PFS) was pretreated with a self-made alternating frequency magnetic field for coagulation printing and dyeing (PD) wastewater treatment. The effects of PFS dosage, magnetization intensity, frequency, and time on the removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), color and turbidity of PD wastewater were investigated. The results indicated that the magnetized PFS significantly improved the removal efficiency in wastewater treatment. When the initial COD, color and turbidity of printing and dyeing wastewater was 464 mg/L, 180 degrees, and 54.8 NTU respectively, the maximum removal rate of COD, color and turbidity was 87.9%, 80.1%, and 95.2% respectively, under the condition of cross frequency magnetic field magnetization PFS. Moreover, the PFS treatment combined with cross-frequency magnetic field could greatly reduce the pollution of iron ions released from iron-based coagulant during wastewater treatment. Characterization of magnetized PFS flocculant by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry, and scanning electron microscopy suggested that magnetic crystal with larger size can be formed on the surface of PFS particles.

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