One of the effective ways to remove halogenated disinfection by-products (DBPs) from drinking water is the application of ultrafiltration technology. However, membrane fouling is an important factor affecting the service life and treatment effect. In this study, the electrocoagulation/oxidation-ultrafiltration (EC/O-UF) process was used to remove the precursor substance that produced DBPs, i.e. dissolved organic matters (DOMs). Operating parameters were optimized from the matching of different flocculant morphology to low concentration DOM. The degree of membrane fouling was characterized by analyzing DOMs concentration and membrane flux. The results showed that the optimal conditions for the production of Alb were: current density 10 A/m2, hydraulic retention time 10 min, and initial pH 5.0–7.0. Under these conditions, the production of flocculant Alb could reach 58–61%, 94–97% DOMs were removed by EC/O-UF.

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