The formation of heterojunction structures of semiconductors is one of the most important techniques to increase the photocatalytic efficiency of a photocatalyst. In this paper, Ag/Ag3VO4/TiO2 as a visible light response photocatalyst was prepared easily by a three step process including hydrothermal, precipitation and photoreduction. The Ag/Ag3VO4/TiO2 nanocomposites demonstrated clearly increased visible light absorption and photocatalytic efficiency in degradation of Rhodamine B. The degradation yield of Rhodamine B was detected 97.3% in 45 min under visible light. Compared with Ag3VO4, TiO2 and Ag3VO4/TiO2, Ag/Ag3VO4/TiO2 exhibited the highest efficiency owing to synergetic effect between Ag3VO4 and TiO2 and surface plasmon resonance effect of Ag nanoparticles. So, the Ag/Ag3VO4/TiO2 can be effectively used as an active photocatalyst under visible light and it depicts an ideal potential in elimination organic pollutants.

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