A series of EDTA-metal complex was prepared for the Fenton oxidation catalysts and Fe(II)L exhibits high catalytic performance for degradation of hydroxypropyl guar gum in a wide pH range 7.0–13.0. The viscosity of hydroxypropyl guargum can be reduced with the 10.0% H2O2 and 5.0% Fe(II)L. The viscosity average molecular weight of hydroxypropyl guar gum was decreased from almost 2 million to 3,199. Most important of all, the COD value can be decreased to 104 mg/L from 8,080 mg/L with enough H2O2, and Fe(II)L also shows great catalytic ability in the degradation of various polymers by H2O2. The proposed mechanism of the activation of H2O2 by the complex was studied.

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