In this work, the study of copper particles deposition on to carbon felt was presented by pulse electrodeposition method to electrochemically degrade methyl iodide (CH3I, 1 mg L−1) in aqueous solution. In order to solve the problems linked to the heterogeneous potential distribution in the 3-D porous structure, which lead to the so-called ‘black core’, we successfully used low concentration of copper salt (1 mM) and negative deposition potential (−2.5 V) to obtain Cu-nanoparticles/carbon felt (Cu-nano/CF) electrode, the copper coating improved the specific surface area of carbon felt from ∼0.07 to 0.7 m2 g−1 with high catalytic activity. Results show that 98.1% of CH3I can be removed with the Cu-nano/CF electrode in 120 min.

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