Current sugarcane mill wastewater management system in Hawaii was surveyed at Oahu Sugar Co. on the island of Oahu. Problems generated from the improper wastewater management such as odor nuisance, field silting, crop reduction and large land requirement, motivate a new management system for Hawaiian sugar industry. Based on the results of preliminary laboratory treatment on sugarcane wastewater, and the cost analysis for different alternatives, an appropriate wastewater management system for Hawaiian sugar industry is recommended. This system incorporates sedimentation, anaerobic pretreatment(UASB), and aerobic polishing(EAFB) for anaerobically treated effluent. It efficiently(≥99%) removes the organics and solids in wastewater within 2 days of hydraulic retention time provided. Therefore, the problems generated from the present treatment facility can be eliminated by implementing the proposed management system. More importantly, reuse of the properly treated wastewater for drip irrigation and cane washing will provide extra profit for the Hawaiian sugar industry.

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