During the last two years,twenty-seven bioreactors of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket(UASB) process were constructed and operated well to treat 3,300 m3/day of winery wastewater in six winery plants in Taiwan. Each UASB reactor was installed with an internal filter and a side-armed sludge settler to separate gas-liquid-solid effectively in 127 m3 of reactor volume.These six plants established good performance of UASB process with different organic loadings depending on different characteristics of the winery wastewater. Start-up performance of the modified UASB process in four winery plants was investigated.Bioactivity of anaerobic sludge in each UASB was evaluated by means of Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP)test. Biokinetics of Monod and Haldane models were employed to interpret the different sludge characteristics in terms of gas production rate. Scanning electronic microscopy also showed different morphology of sludge granules in three UASB systems.

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