The work reported here focuses on research being conducted within the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Surrey and the Laboratory of Hydrology at Vrije Universiteit Brussel under the COMETT programme. The paper describes the “Urban Drainage Modelling Intelligent Assistant,” a computer-based tool kit which provides guidance, instruction and support for training on aspects of network modelling in urban drainage design and simulation models commonly used in Europe. The tool kit comprises four interrelated, interactive components: an expert system, a data preparation and model execution tool, a document browsing facility, and a term bank. The results of the work are illustrated with the aid of snapshots of the system in use. The specific emphasis here is on the role played by each component in a) the transfer of knowledge within both an inter-disciplinary field such as urban drainage modelling (hydrology, hydraulics, mathematics, computing), and a multilingual community (of particular importance in Europe at present) and b) the training of novices in urban drainage, enabling them to grasp the domain primitives, their interrelationships and meanings.