Twenty English and Welsh water companies and the water services in Northern Ireland have collectively funded the production of a Manual on Pollution Risk Management. The Manual, which is still in draft, is intended to create a practical and systematic procedure for identifying potential and actual risks of pollution, for cutting down on those risks and for dealing with such incidents as do occur. The risks are considered of how pollution could affect surface or groundwater sources, or both of these, with a view to achieving catchment-wide awareness, supported by monitoring as necessary.

The poster sets out the structure of the Pollution Risk Management Manual, covering:

  • pollution incident categories and the frequency of consequent problems affecting public water supplies

  • a survey of European waterworks practice in monitoring and responding to acute pollutant events

  • catchment audits to identify and curtail existing hazards

  • priority pollutants, their toxicities and persistence in the environment (WRc Toxicology Advisory Service)

  • pollutant transport, in surface and groundwaters

  • action plans when faced with pollution incidents

  • clean-up procedures following pollution incidents.