Geomorphological and ecological features belonging to the freshwater tidal landscape in the Rhi-ne/Meuse estuary have been degrading over the past decades. In particular, the intertidal zone was affected due to diminishing of tides and serious bank erosion.

To enhance the remaining tidal water movement locally, a plan was proposed to create side channels in the Dordtse Biesbosch, an area adjoining the Nieuwe Merwede riverbranch. In this plan, which was effectuated in the course of 1992, a connection was made between the creeks and the river at both ends, creating small side channels.

A monitoring programme was designed to test if predicted developments actually take place, at what timescale, and to observe the impact of extreme events. It involves measurement of sediment topography, water movement, vegetation, benthic meiofauna, fish, and water birds.