This paper presents the first experiences and results in the implantation of a pioneer model in environmental monitoring. The program consists of the partnership agreement between COPENE PETROQUíMICA S.A and the PROMON ENGENHARIA LTDA and SGS DO BRASIL S.A consortium, for wastewater and groundwater monitoring. With the implantation of a laboratory and the development of analytical and sampling methods some practical results, such as flow reduction in the organic wastewaters and organic load in the final effluents, were obtained in the very first year of activities. A complete follow-up system was installed and a sophisticated data base was developed and implanted for complete and quick information updating. Team work between the consortium, the COPENE (GESIMA/DENAM) environmental department and the operational and process areas wasdecisive in obtaining the first and future results.A physical chart showing the next activities to be accomplished is presented in this paper, as well as the results and objectives of this program.