This paper presents the development and verification of a computer aided design and drafting package for medium sized municipal storm water drainage systems (DRAINAGE). The numerical model, which is designed for use on microcomputers, is written in PASCAL Language and is compiled by PC software TURBO PASCAL version 6.0. The computer package for flow prediction and drainage design applies the Colebrook White Equation and the Rational Method to route pipe flows through tree-type drainage networks, automatically adjusting drainage pipe diameters to fulfil flow requirements and backwater effects. The progrmn outputs are written as DXF files which can be read and displayed readily as drawings of drainage layout plml ,md longitudinal profiles in an AutoCAD environment. DRAINAGE replaces the timeconsuming conventional method for designing stormwater drainage networks. Although the prognun is tailored for application and use in Hong Kong, it can be easily adapted to other situations.

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