Multimedia waste audits of three industries that generate significant quantities of waste and are vital to the future economic life of Hungary were performed by CH2M HILL; VRF (The Institute for Environment and Safety in the Chemical and Explosives Industry); and Post, Buckley, Schuh, and Jernigan (PBS&J). The industries were tanning, chemical production, and metal plating (galvanic). The seven plants selected for the audits were given detailed questionnaires concerning their manufacturing processes, waste production, energy consumption, and waste treatment and disposal practices. The plants were then visited, and the staff were interviewed. The results of the audits were general waste minimization strategies for the seven plants and detailed waste minimization feasibility plans for two of the plants. The plans included cost estimates for the waste minimization recommendations. The results of the audits were used by the Hungarian Ministry of Industry and Trade to provide potential foreign investors with information on how best to invest in these companies to modernize them and reduce their environmental risks and costs.