Experimental data in forms of vertical concentration profiles has been provided from a full scale submerged denitrification filter with biocarbone as filter material.

Denitrification rates were determined in full scale under different loads of nitrate and methanol with methanol in excess. Vertical concentration profiles of nitrate and methanol have verified kinetics in the half-order region with removal rate constants in the range of k0.5A = 0.13-0.21 g N0.5 m−0.5 d−1 (0.5 order for partial penetration in the 0 order intrinsic concentration range). The removal rates found are low with methanol as carbon source as compared to information from literature.

The experience with detailed mathematical modelling is that “best fit” can be achieved by different sets of parameters with the computer program AQUASIM. Full scale experiments have to be supplemented with dedicated laboratory scale experiments to determine all important parameters.