Investigations of hydraulic models of swirl, vortex and helical bend separators were accomplished at hydraulic laboratories of the CTU Prague from 1980. Significant separating efficiencies were observed, indicating a possible reduction of pollutant loads CSO and WWTP bypasses. The paper will present some practical applications of vortex flow separators in the Czech Republic, as well as proposed designs of helical bend CSO's. The first application has been made in the suburb of Prague Kbely. The projected vortex separators substitute the storage tanks and especially a pretreatment of stormwater is highlighted with regard to their applications. Nowadays a few of these structures are in operation (Kbely, Liberec, Brno, etc.) and others are just constructed (Vrchlabí, Hradec Králové) or designed (Chodov, Mseno, etc.). Finally a review of separation efficiencies of the vortex flow separators is presented, describing the efficiencies with regard to BOD5, COD and total suspended solids. All data are related to the hydraulic load of considered structures.

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