A prototype of a 300-pig waste treatment system was constructed at the animal research farm of the University of Hawaii. The system includes a solid/liquid separation (12 m3), two anaerobic reactors (10 m3 each), one aeration unit (20 m3) and one combined rock bed filter with the aquatic plant reactor (20 m3). Based on the current results of a 240-pig operation, the methane gas production and TS reduction are 0.75 m3/m3/day and 72.7%, respectively, at the loading rate of 3.09 kg TS/m3/day. The aeration unit provides a TCOD and NH3-N reduction of 94% and 91%, respectively. The rock filter achieves a TCOD, NH3-N and NO3-N reduction of 32.8%, 26.8% and 68.4%, respectively. The annual cost for each of the treatment component is presented. It is very useful for the application of each treatment unit for the various needs of each pig farm.