Porous membrane of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) was formed on the surface of porous ceramic tubes by means of heat treatment of the PTFE particles deposit layer prepared by filtering PTFE microparticles emulsified in aqueous phase. By means of inert gas permeation, pore size was determined and compared with scanning electron micrograph observation. Also rejection measurement of aqueous dextran solutions of wide range of molecular weights showed consistent results regarding the pore size. Since the membrane prepared by this method is stable and has unique features derived from PTFE, it is expected that the membrane has interesting applications in the field of water treatment. Membrane separation of activated sludge by this composite membrane and original ceramics membrane showed that the PTFE membrane gives better detachability of the cake layer formed on the membrane. This might be due to the hydrophobic nature of the PTFE skin layer.