Thames Water is working with the New Millennium Experience Company to provide a water recycling system for the Millennium Dome which will supply 500m3/d of reclaimed water for WC and urinal flushing. The system will treat water from three sources:

  • rainwater - from the Dome roof

  • greywater - from handbasins in the toilet blocks

  • groundwater - from beneath the Dome site

The treatment technologies will range from “natural” reedbeds for the rainwater, to more sophisticated options, including biological aerated filters and membranes for the greywater and groundwater. Pilot scale trials were used to design the optimum configuration. In addition to the recycling system, water efficient devices will be installed in three of the core toilet blocks as part of a programme of research into the effectiveness of conservation measures. Data on water usage and customer behaviour will be collected via a comprehensive metering system. Information from the Dome project on the economics and efficiency of on-site recycling at large scale and data on water efficient devices, customer perception and behaviour will be of great value to the water industry. For Thames Water, the project provides vital input to the development of future water resource strategies.

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