The purpose of this study is to clarify the effects of wave and tidal actions on the penetration of spilled oil stranded on tidal flats and to evaluate the influence of the penetrated oil on seawater infiltration using tidal flat simulator. A simulator used was composed of tidal flat, wave maker, tide controlling device, temperature controlling system and computer controlling system. The infiltrations of seawater and fuel oil C into tidal flats were visualized using transparent glass beads as tidal flat sediments. Penetration behaviour of the spilled oil into the sediments was significantly different from that of seawater. Seawater infiltrated into the sediments both by wave action and tidal fluctuation, while fuel oil C penetrated by tidal movement only. The infiltration of seawater was reduced by penetrated oil. This result indicates that the penetrated oil diminishes infiltration of seawater into the sediments and thus results in the reduction in the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and organic matterto the benthic organisms in tidal flat.

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