Technical development work is presented, where the VUV photochemically induced oxidative degradation is used: (i) for analytic purposes, and (ii) for small to medium scale (<10 m2/d) waste water treatment processes or ultrapure water production. In the first case, small Xe-excimer radiation sources with an integrated reaction space designed for optimal conditions, as far as incident photon flux density, turbulence and concentration of dissolved molecular oxygen are concerned, have been built and tested. Under conditions of exhaustive oxidation and/or mineralization of pollutants in a continuous regime, they may be used for sample pre-treatment modules prior TOC, TOX and electrochemical trace metal analysis. Under conditions of partial oxidation or mineralization, the same lamp/reactor combination may be used for functionalization purposes prior to e.g. GC or HPLC analyses. In the second case, mass transfer limitations between the non-irradiated bulk volume and the irradiated volume are overcome by the electrochemical generation of molecular oxygen within or close to the irradiated volume and by the design of the photochemical part of the reactor.

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