Conventional filtration was designed to achieve high levels of particle and pathogen removal. Previous studies have examined the possibility of modifying filtration media to improve their ability to remove microorganisms and viruses. Although these studies have evaluated filter media coatings for this purpose, none have evaluated nanoscale particle suspensions as coating materials. The overall goal of this paper is to describe the preliminary test results of nanoporous aluminium oxide coated media that can be used to enhance filtration of nano and microparticles. Filtration tests were carried out using columns packed with uncoated and coated forms of granular anthracite or granular activated carbon. A positive correlation between isoelectric pH of filter media and particle removal was observed. The modified filter media with a higher isoelectric pH facilitated better removal of bacteriophage MS2 and 3 μm latex microspheres, possibly due to increased favorable electrostatic interactions.

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