Degradation or detoxification of pollutants by SAT system was generally focused on organic contaminants although the regulation of water reuse has provisions of heavy metals. This study is to evaluate the feasibility of SAT for metals such as Cd, Cr and Pb with the pilot scaled column experiment. The desorption possibility of sorbed metals was also examined in the condition of continuous water and even acidic water (pH 4.3) injection. Fractional factorial analysis is a tool frequently used to identify factors or variables that have an effect on a certain response. A two-level fractional factorial analysis was planned to study the effect of four factors on Pb sorption from the experiments; soil particle size, TOC in solution, Pb concentration in solution and flow rate. The main effects among the factors were obtained by ANOVA based MINITAB software. The effects of four factors were also converted into coefficients; those values may build an empirical model to predict the metal sorption of soils.

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