Water samples were collected at seven sites located along the River Nakdong on 30 occasions. Water quality, size and the fractal dimension (dF) of suspended particles were measured. The laser light scattering method was used to obtain the size and dF of suspended particles. The average size of particles in this river ranged from 89 μm and 169 μm, which appears to be relatively coarse compared with other rivers worldwide. The average dF of suspended particles in this study ranged from 1.8 to 1.9. Slight variations in fractal dimension values and other particle characteristics results from various measuring methods available. The correlation analysis showed that DO, TN, NO3 and chlorophyll-a had significant positive relationships with particles size, whereas flow rates and temperature had negative relationships. However, the factors which had positive relationships with particles size showed negative relationships with the dF of suspended particles. Generally, as the size of particles increased, the fractal dimension of particles decreased which indicated that the shape of the larger particles became more irregular relative to that of the smaller ones. To obtain and apply the statistical functional relationship between water quality characteristics, multiple linear regression equations of the size and fractal dimension of particles on explanatory variables such as pH, BOD, TSS, DO, T-N and T-P have been established.

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