A new Magnetic Ion EXchange resin for DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon) removal (MIEX®DOC Resin) has been evaluated as water pre-treatment at the Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) of Florence in order to reduce the oxidant demand and disinfection by-products (DBPs) formation potential. This pre-treatment leads to several effects on downstream treatment processes. In this experimental study the effects of MIEX® pre-treatment on clariflocculation process were evaluated with respect to coagulant demand reduction and characteristics of flocs formed. The analysis was conducted using traditional jar test procedures and a Photometric Dispersion Analyser (PDA2000) which provided continuous information about the aggregation state of particles during the jar tests.

For a fixed turbidity goal in clarified water, ion exchange pre-treatment led to coagulant dosage reduction up to 60% and PDA results shown that flocs formed in pre-treated water were bigger and more resistant to shearing effects than those formed by conventional clariflocculation.

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